Energy Auditing

Although, this is a totally new idea for us, it is slowly gaining recognition from people all over the world. People are yet to realize the scientific approach that goes behind lighting. Energy auditing is the process of analyzing and determining the lighting requirements of a building based on its elevation, area and other aspects.

With Energy Auditing, we can calculate the number of Fans, Lighting equipments and other solutions required for a particular structure. These solutions are implemented, based on the color temperature relevance, power draw, pressure and recommended LUX Levels. This ensures effective energy utilization and conserves energy in the long run.

While Energy auditing, an energy auditor will visit the site and inspect the building for various aspects like natural lighting, air conditioning, ventilation and so on. The generated energy auditing report helps assess the existing condition of the building and presents the required energy balance.

The report will also provide the list of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) required for ideal energy levels. Once the feasible ECM are executed, you can expect reduced power consumption levels and better return on investment, thus largely reducing the energy cost.