Street Lighting Automation enables to remotely monitor and control the lighting system which reduces the power consumption and maintenance cost involved. Sre Sakthi Lighting’s Street light automation solutions are powerful, efficient and economical in every aspect.


Key benefits

  • Our solutions offer great energy savings upto 40%
  • Reduces maintenance cost by 50%
  • Wireless control and monitoring of the street lighting system
  • Scheduled lighting based on Sunrise and Sunset.
  • Our automated system has Smart interface devices, which can optimize and conserve energy consumption by monitoring the changes in nightfall.
  • With accurate information presented on energy consumption, it is easier to schedule maintenance whenever necessary, consequently reducing the maintenance cost.



  • Easy installation
  • Single unit of Data Concentrator could support around 300 Light poles
  • Manual override support to control individual lights
  • The remote terminal unit monitors the lighting system and automatically alerts in case of faults.


How it works?

Street light automation system can be implemented in one of the two ways:

  • Feeder level solution
  • Individual light control solution.

While using the feeder level solution, a feeder panel is used to control lights based on their phase. And, using the individual light control solution, every light pole can be controlled individually using the Low Powered Radio Frequency (LPRF) modules, which are installed in each light pole.

Application areas

  • Street lighting
  • Residential Areas
  • Campus lighting
  • Bridges, Mines and tunnels
  • Industries
  • Parking Lot